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2022 Supplementary Exit Examination

Introduction of Exit Examination of Vocational Training in Family Medicine


The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) requires all constituent specialty Colleges to hold six years of supervised specialist training, an intermediate examination, and a final examination for their trainees individually or jointly with an established Royal College. Passing the final examination is a prerequisite to Fellowship of HKAM.

With respect to these, the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP) conducts a six-year vocational training programme (including basic training and higher training); an intermediate examination (Conjoint HKCFP/RACGP Fellowship Examination); and a final examination (Exit Examination of Vocational Training).

The Specialty Board of HKCFP is responsible for conducting the Exit Examination of Vocational Training (Exit Examination). Aim of the Exit Examination is to test if candidates have achieved the objectives at the required standards at the end of their family medicine training.

This guideline serves as the main reference for candidates going to take the Exit Examination.

Eligibility and Requirement

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

a.      Full or limited registration with the Hong Kong Medical Council

b.      Being active Fellows, or Members (Full or Associate) of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP)

c.      Fulfill the CME / CPD requirements under HKCFP Quality Assurance Program in the preceding year

d.  Have a qualification in family medicine / general practice; which is recognized by the HKCFP and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM)

e.     Had completed higher training in Family Medicine; OR expected to do so by February 28, 2022; as certified/ approved by the Board of Vocational Training and Standards (BVTS), HKCFP.

The relevant approval may take up to two months, therefore applicants are recommended to apply early to BVTS for

f.      Active in clinical practice and able to meet the requirements of individual Exit Examination segments:

g.     From Full Exit Examination 2019 onwards, candidates must have presented their Research or Clinical Audit proposals or completed studies at Research & Clinical Audit Forum before the application deadline of Exit Examination.

Details of each of the Examination segments will be listed in the subsequent sections. 

Eligibility to enroll in Exit Examination is subject to the final approval of the Specialty Board, HKCFP. Application will be processed only if all the required documents are submitted with the examination application form.

Examination Formats and Contents

1. The Clinical Audit Report assesses the candidate's knowledge, skills and attitudes in critical appraisal of information, self-audit, quality assurance and continuous professional improvement.


2. The Research Report* assesses the candidate's ability to conduct a research project which includes: performing a literature search and defining a research question, selecting the most appropriate methodology to answer the research question, performing appropriate analysis and interpreting the results with a discussion and conclusion.


3. The Practice Assessment** assesses the candidate's knowledge, application of skills and ability to organize and manage an independent family medicine practice.


4. The Consultation Skills Assessment assesses the candidate's knowledge, skills and attitude in communication, problem solving, working with families and management in different types of family medicine consultations.

The details of the format and examination criteria of each segment are described below.

All examination materials will be destroyed after completion of examination.

*The Research Report is an alternative option to the Clinical Audit Report starting from 2013 Full Examination onwards. New Candidate is required to choose EITHER Clinical Audit Segment OR Research Segment for assessment.

** The Practice Assessment will be carried out on site at the candidate's practice on any days during the specified periods. It will be assessed independently by at least two examiners appointed by the Specialty Board. The details of the format and examination criteria of each segment are described below.

Criteria for a Pass in the Exit Examination

A candidate must score a minimum of 65% in each of the three segments to pass the whole Exit Examination.
Each successful segment of the Exit Examination can be retained for a maximum of FIVE years if a score of ≥65% is achieved in that segment.

Unsuccessful segments can be retaken in subsequent supplementary or full Exit Examination.
A candidate must pass all the three segments before being certified overall pass in the Exit Examination.

All examination materials, being properties of the Specialty Board, will be destroyed after completion of the examination process (including quality assurance and examiners standardisation).

Examination Fee

All fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable.

Important Dates

2022 Supplementary Exit Examination

 Deadline of Exit Examination application:

 27 May 2022

 Deadline of submission of required attachment(s)
 for Practice Assessment Segment:

 11 July 2022 
 (Cases collection period: 29 May to 9 July 2022)

 Deadline of Clinical Audit Report / Research Report   submission

 5 August 2022

 Examination periods for Practice Assessment and   Consultation Skills Assessment

 2 July to 30 September 2022
 (Practice Assessment starts on 12 July 2022)



CA Segment
CA_Certification by Clinical Supervisor.pdf

Research Segment
Research_Certification by Clinical Supervisors or Mentors.pdf

PA Segment
(NEW) 2023 Exit Exam_Practice Management_Pre-Exit Review of Medical Records (PERM)_General Information
(NEW) 2023 Exit Exam_Practice Management_Pre-Exit Review of Medcial Records (PERM)_Assessment Form
Practice Management Package Appendixes.pdf
Practice Management Package Rating Form (Version April 2019).pdf

CSA Segment
Informational Seminar (9 Nov 2020)
Please download Veracrypt at:
VeraCrypt Userguide.pdf

Handouts of Exit Exam Pre-Exam Workshop for 2022 Exit Exam PDF

Clinical Audit Segment

Research Segment

Practice Assessment Segment

Consultation Skills Assessment Segment 

Handouts of Exit Exam Preparatory Workshop for 2022/2023 Exit Exam PDF


Clinical Audit Segment

Research Segment

Practice Assessment Segment

Consultation Skills Assessment Segment