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Video records

World Family Doctor Day 2023 -  "Family Doctors: the Heart of Healthcare".

In support of the World Family Doctor Day this year, the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP) and Hong Kong Health Bureau had jointly held the Family Doctor Promotion Day on 19 May to promote the concept of disease prevention and "Family Doctor For All" at the community level. The event also recognised the significant contributions made by family doctors in tackling public health crises and promoting primary healthcare. Nearly 100 guests from diverse backgrounds comprising stakeholders from public and private healthcare sectors, patient groups leaders, and representatives from the Department of Health, the HA, and District Health Centres (DHCs)/DHC Expresses attended the event.


World Family Doctor Day 2022 -  "Family Doctors, Always There to Care!".

This year's WFDD theme is "Family Doctors, Always There to Care!". As Family Doctors, we are proud to take up the important work proactively in protecting the health of our community and in reaching out to the patients in need of care, when the health care systems have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last couple of years. Our work helps to make sure that the patients can receive attention for essential preventive measures, acute and chronic problems, as well as mental health issues. In celebration of the WFDD 2022, our HKCFP Council Members have together contributed towards compilations of photos showing our support to the WFDD.


World Family Doctor Day 2021 - "Building the Future with Family Doctors"

In order to celebrate the World Family Doctor Day 2021 and recognise the great contributions of Family Doctors in Hong Kong in the combat of the COVID-19 pandemic, our College has prepared a short video to share with you all.


World Family Doctor Day 2020 - "Family doctors on the front line – first in, last out"

To celebrate family doctors’ contribution towards the current crisis on this special occasion, we have compiled various video clips and photographs collections with the help of our College Council and our members. We would be showing these compilations while celebrating the WFDD with WONCA member organisations and various medical institutions in different localities. In addition, these video clips would also be shown in our College’s usual channels, e.g. College website, Facebook, etc. Happy World Family Doctor Day 2020 to all!


'COVID-19, You stay at home, I stay at work' Public Appeal 2020 

I stay at work for you; you stay at home for us.
Let's work together and stay healthy.


World Family Doctor Day 2019 - "Family doctors - caring for you for the whole of your life"

The Public Education Committee of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians has compiled a short video consisting of the “thank you” messages received from our patients for celebrating the World Family Doctor Day.