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Diploma in Family Medicine

Q1 When can i apply for the upcoming DFM / CFM?
A1 The application starts from January – June each year.
Q2 I am not a resident of Hong Kong. Is there distance learning for DFM / CFM?
A2 We do not offer distance learning. One must be able to attend required lectures and workshops in Hong Kong
Q3 I am a foreigner and may wish to enrol and attend the course in Hong Kong. Can I apply directly?
A3 We welcome and accept foreign applications. However, applicant must be a Medical Practitioner with Bachelor's degree in Medicine. The translation of license and certificate must be officially translated by the corresponding medical school.
Q4 Will the Course fee differ if I am an applicant of a non-Hong Kong resident?
A4 The DFM / CFM couse fee will be the same to every applicant, HK$25,000 for members and HK$50,000 for non-members applying for DFM; HK$6,000 for members and HK$12,000 for non-members applying for CFM. Future course fees of DFM and CFM will be subject to change.