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Editorial Board (The Hong Kong Practitioner)

Chief Editor: Dr. David VK Chao (Chairman)

Deputy Editors: Dr. Frederick CT Lee Dr. Kathy KL Tsim
  Dr. Ng Kwok Keung Dr. Carmen Wong

Dr. Maria KW Leung

Board Members:
Dr. Mary BL Kwong Dr. Adrian TY Tang
  Dr. Lam Yuen Dr. Wendy WS Tsui
  Dr. Lau Ho Lim Dr. Wong Ka Wah
  Dr. Liang Jun Dr. Wong Kwai Wing
  Dr. Raymond WM Pau Dr. Yeung Wai Man

Business Manager: Dr. Billy CF Chiu

Panel of Reviewers: Dr. Linda Chan Dr. Lam Mei

Dr. Nelson NY Chan Dr. Lam Tai Kwan

Dr. Chan Pang Fai Dr. Lam Wing Wo

Dr. Julie Y Chen Dr. Lee See Mei

Dr. Judy GY Cheng Dr. Leung Nelson

Dr. Chin Weng Yee Dr. Leung Wing Mun

Dr. Rudolph WM Chow Dr. Li Heung Wing

Dr. Antonio AT Chuh Dr. Yvonne YC Lo

Dr. Dao Man Chi Dr. Matthew MH Luk

Dr. Ben YF Fong
Dr. Charles CY Ng

Dr. Xijuan Fu Dr. Poon Ming Wai

Dr. Kwan Yu Dr. Keith KK Tse

Dr. Loretta KP Lai

Advisors: Prof. Rodger Charlton Prof. Grace WK Tang
Prof. Cindy LK Lam Prof. Andrew Charles Van Hasselt 
Prof. Lam Tai Pong Prof. Jean Woo
Prof. Leung Ping Chung  Prof. Martin CS Wong
Prof. Martin Man Chim Albert Li Prof. Samuel YS Wong
Prof. Mak Ki Yan Prof. Wong Tze Wai

Prof. Wilfred CG Peh Prof. Rosie TT Young

Statistical Consultant:

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The Hong Kong Practitioner is published quarterly by The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians.

The Journal is indexed in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica as `HK Pract'. It has a circulation of 4000, distributed to all members and some non-members of the College, academic institutions as well as private subscribers in Hong Kong and overseas.

The aim of the journal is to promote the development of quality family medicine/general practice in Hong Kong and the region, by publishing editorials, original articles, update reviews, letters to the editor, news of future meetings, and self-assessment materials.


When Sister M. Aquinas wrote the very first academic article - entitled ‘Tuberculosis' - for The Hong Kong Practitioner back in April 1978, it had to be published in the form of stencilled sheets . "The Journal" has come a long way since then and it was subsequently developed into a booklet format in June 1979.

The clinical contents have evolved around the main themes of providing a platform for educational updates, a forum for discussion of policy as well as clinical issues, and a medium for sharing clinically important rarities. These take the shape of original articles, review and update articles, discussion papers, case reports, and clinical therapeutic guidelines, as well as clinical quizzes and conference information.

The Journal has provided fertile ground for the exchange of clinical expertise among clinicians in public, private, academic, hospital and community practice, and international authors frequently make submissions to the Journal to share expertise and ideas relevant to local clinical practice.