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Appointment of clinical supervisors

Appointment Criteria

A potential training supervisor may apply to the Board of Vocational Training and Standards (BVTS) for appointment as a training Clinical Supervisor in the relevant specialty if he/she:-

1. Possesses one or more higher qualifications in the relevant specialty that is/are approved by the HKCFP.

2. Is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine or a specialist registered with the Medical Council of Hong Kong and has a minimum of 2 years local experience in the relevant specialty within 5 years immediately prior to his/her appointment.

3. Is willing to fulfill the roles of a clinical supervisor as required by the Board of Vocational Training and Standards.

Responsibilities and Roles of Clinical Supervisors

The clinical supervisor:

1. helps the trainee to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the Programme.

2. closely supervises the trainee's daily work.


devotes the equivalent of no less than 3 hours a week in educational activities for basic trainee(s) under his/her supervision.


is responsible for certifying whether the trainee has acquired the knowledge and skills required by the Programme by completing the appropriate checklists in the Training Logbook.
# 5. visits and assesses the trainee's practice at least once every six months during Higher Training.

6. assesses the trainee's performance in consultations regularly, by sit-in consultations or review of video-taped consultations.

7. ensures that the trainee is participating in an approved structural educational programme.


submits a formative assessment report on the performance of the trainee to the Board of Vocational Training and Standards at the end of each hospital based rotation or annually for community based training.

9. is prepared to participate in Trainer Training activities.

10. is expected to attend training information session upon his/her appointment.    
# 11. submits Reappointment as Honorary Clinical supervisor with Declaration by Persons Recommended annually. 


agree to inform BVTS, HKCFP immediately by using Report of Critical Events to HKCFP if any critical incidents related to clinical supervisor credentialing.

# 5, 11, 12: only applicable for FM specialty - Honorary Clinical Supervisor