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Specialty Board

Chairlady: Dr. Tsui Wing Sze, Wendy
Vice-Chairman (External Affairs): Dr. Chan Kin Ling
Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs): Dr. Luk Kam Hung
CA Coordinator: Dr. Kwong Siu Kei
CA Deputy Coordinator:
Dr. Cheng Pui Kwan, Lisa
CSA Coordinator:
Dr. Wang Hua Li, Jenny
CSA Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Ho Ka Ming, Ken
PA Coordinator: Dr. Luk Kam Hung
PA Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Chan Man Li
PA Co-segment Coordinator: Dr. Yiu Yuk Kwan
Research Coordinator: Prof. Wong Chi Sang, Martin
Research Deputy Coordinator: Dr. Fu Sau Nga
Chief Censor: Prof. Lam Lo Kuen, Cindy
Board Members: Dr. Chan Ming Wai, Angus
  Dr. Ho Yiu Keung, Steven
  Dr. Tse Keith Kwok Ki

Prof. Wong Yeung Shan Samuel

Dr. Yiu Yuk Kwan
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1. To organize and conduct the Exit Examination and Supplementary Exit Examination of Vocational Training in Family Medicine of the HKCFP
2. To vet applications for nomination for FHKAM (Family Medicine).
3. To assess applications delegated by HKAM for Certificate of Specialist Registration and make recommendation to HKCFP Council.


1. To formulate and revise the rules and regulations of the Exit Examination.
2. To organize training workshops for trainees, trainers and assessors on Exit Examination.
3. To organize the Exit Examination and Supplementary Exit Examination.
4. To appoint external and internal Exit Examiners each year.
5. To liaise with BVTS on the applications for Exit Examination and nomination of members eligible for FHKAM.
6. To provide feedback to candidates who have failed the Exit Examination.
7. To explain and advise college members on the nomination for FHKAM (Family Medicine).


The Exit Examination consists of four segments: Clinical Audit, Research, Practice Assessment and Consultation Skills Assessment. Each segment has its segment coordinator to organize and conduct the examination. The membership of the Specialty Board consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Chairmen of BVTS, all the Exit Examination segment coordinators and other members of the College by invitation. The Board routinely meets four times a year.