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MCHK CME Programme for Practising Doctors who are not taking CME Programme for Specialists

Given the College Secretariat has now taken up the processing of MCHK CME record for members who use the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (HKAM) as their Administrator for the said program, the associated administration charge will be waived. Provided that member has returned the signed consent form to the College Secretariat (Form A)  

For Members starting the next MCHK Cycle from 1 January 2018:

1.  Keep / Change to HKAM as your MCHK CME administrator through HKCFP, please return Form A ; OR 

2.  Stop using HKAM as your MCHK CME administrator for the coming cycle, please return Form B

Please return the completed form to or fax to 2866 0616 by 15 December 2017 (Friday). 

The Corresponding Forms can be downloaded at:

Interested members please note the following points for your consent:

1. MCHK registrants have the responsibility to liaise with your current CME Administrator (HKMA, DU, and DH) for the necessary procedures in relation to change of the CME Administrator.

2. As required by HKAM, change of CME Administrator can only be arranged after a cycle of program has completed.

3. In case of any discrepancy of the accredited CME Points between the College and the other Administrators, the College reserves the right of the final decision on the accredited CME Points.

As the College is required to report the CME Points to HKAM every 6 months,

4. Members who will attend overseas conferences are required to submit the record of the attendance to the Academy for CME Accreditation within one month of the completion of the conference.

5. Members who are going to undertake self-study are requested to submit the details of the program within one month of the completion of the self-study.

6. MCHK CME registrants should continue to sign on the respective HKAM CME attendance record sheet for CME record purpose as usual. To help the College secretariat distinguishing College members from others, please identify yourself by entering your HKCFP membership number or simply putting “HKCFP” in the column of HKAM.

While the service is free of charge for all College members, submission may not be accredited if one fails to comply with the above-mentioned points. As usual, late submission may not proceed. Also, MCHK CME record may not be updated if one fails to update MCHK CME Administrator timely. In case of any discrepancy of the accredited CME Points, the College’s accreditation is final.