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Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellowship is an award to be conferred for persons of distinction or members of the community who have rendered distinguished services, directly or indirectly, to the college or to the advancement of general / family practice or practice in general practice / family medicine. the Person maybe nominated to Council for election to Honorary Fellowship.

1987 Dr David Game
Mr Tat-chee Chan
Professor M J Colbourne
Dr Peter C Y Lee
Dr Henry F K Li
Dr Hin-kwong Chiu
1990  Professor Wesley E Fabb 
1991  Dr Clarke Munro 
1992  Professor J H Barber 
1993  Professor David Todd 
1995  Professor Rosie Young 
1995  Sir Donald Irvine 
1996  Dr M K Rajakumar 
1999  Dr Natalis C L Yuen 
2001  Dr Timothy J Flanagan 
2002  Professor Robin C Fraser 
2003  Dr Stephen K S Foo 
2005  Dr Elizabeth R Jane  
2006  Professor Michael Kidd 
2007  Dr Donald K T Li 
2009  Professor Chris van Weel 
2010  Dr the Hon Leong Che Hung 
2011  Professor Cindy L K Lam 
2012  Professor Doris Young 
2013  Dr the Hon York Y N Chow 
2015  Dr Jennifer Kendrick