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Education Committee (AM affairs)

College Representative: Dr David Chao (Vice President, Education and Examinations)

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Terms of Reference

  1. To co-ordinate and monitor the programmes of postgraduate education and training and continuing medical education               of the Colleges to ensure that they are of the standard set by the Academy
  2. To ensure the proper organisation and conduct of examinations; and
  3. To advise the Council on education and training policy of the Academy, and on any other matters concerning                         postgraduate education and training and continuing medical education.
Members include representatives from all 15 AM Colleges, the representative is usually the Vice President or Chairman of Education Committee of individual College. Other members include representatives nominated by the Medical Council of Hong Kong, the Dental Council of Hong Kong, the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority, the Director of Health, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The strong line up indicates the importance of EC under the AM Council.

The Academy implemented its mandatory CME for Fellows since 1996. The 7th cycle started on 1st January 2014. A revised set of CME/CPD Guidelines will be effective for this cycle (2014-2016). Under the revised guidelines, Fellows are strongly recommended to maintain a balanced CME/CPD profile in order to capture the full benefit of different types of activities. Meanwhile, Colleges may recommend their Fellows to include 5 points in a cycle from Quality Assurance and Audits in their CME/CPD activities.
Fellows obtaining less than 2/3 of the required points will initiate the removal process of their Fellowship. Fellows obtaining more than 2/3 of the required points but fall short of the 90 CME/CPD points will fall within the remediable category and they must complete their remedial within 12 months to avoid the removal process and the follow on instigation of removal from Specialist Registration by the Medical Council. Please note Specialist Registration is an active process and is not a permanent title.

Training Programmes, training units, intermediate and exit examinations
All Colleges have to update EC regarding any alternation to their vocational training programmes or guidelines. Accreditation of training units and changes to their intermediate or exit examinations have to be approved by EC.

Application for Certification for Specialist Registration
A candidate that had overseas postgraduate training and examination can apply for Certification of Specialist Registration provided that he/ she possesses the qualifications and training comparable to that required of a Fellow in the specialty applied for; and that they had fulfilled the CME/CPD requirements for the application. Prof William Wong is the only candidate of our College to obtain his Specialist status through this route.

New Subspecialty
Over the past 2 years, 3 new subspecialties namely Pain Medicine (College of Anaesthesiologists) Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics and Paediatric Neurology (College of Peadiatrics) had gone through the vigorous process of vetting by EC. Their submission had fulfilled the definition and criteria for recognition of a new subspecialty according to the AM guidelines. AM had written to the Medical Council requesting their addition as new subspecialties to the Specialist Registration.

Temporary Medical Registration
Application for support for Temporary Medical Registration for Clinical Teaching or Research in a Private Hospital by overseas doctors have to be submitted by the relevant College and endorsed by EC.

Other exciting projects by EC: Nomenclatures of Procedures and Operations promulgated by Academy Colleges and agreed on common Chinese translation as requested by the Medical Council. The purpose is to ensure common term will be used by all doctors in order to avoid misleading information and confusion to the public. A Working Group on Genetic and Genomics will meet shortly to discuss the training required of AM Fellows in this important field. Credentialing and Defining the Scope of Clinical Practice is a red hot topic. AM has a statutory role to set standard and wider consultation among different concerned parties are needed and EC will continue its discussion.