October 2006, Vol 28, No. 10

What's in the web for family physicians - research methods

Alfred KY Tang 鄧權恩

1. Research Methods Symposium
http://www.utcomchatt.org/Research/Research. asp?dpage=resmethods03

Twelve sets of lecture slides on research methods presented at the Institutional Research Core Curriculum Research Methods Symposium are available at the website of the University of Tennessee College of Medicine. Some of the important topics include development of research questions, various kinds of study design, sample size estimations, sampling methods, abstract writing and the presentation. A tutorial on statistics is also available.

2. Statistics at Square One, 9th Edition

This concise and popular textbook on statistics is available online at the website of British Medical Journal. Geared for use by medical researchers, the book has been one of the best selling statistics textbooks in UK. It is a handy reference for those who wish to have a quick grasp of important concepts in statistics. The online version of the textbook makes it a handy reference for all students studying statistics.

3. A Guide to Research Methods

As an online guide to research methods, this site covers course materials on evidence pyramid, randomized controlled trials, the double blind methods, cohort studies, case control studies and meta-analyses. At the same time, tutorial on Evidence Based Medicine is available at, http://library.downstate.edu/EBM2/contents.htm of the same website.

4. Survey and Questionnaires Design

This free tutorial covers how to design a research questionnaire and conduct a survey, with emphasis on aspects which may often be overlooked. Ways on how to maximize response rates, and how to design a questionnaire are covered. Other information on research methods, the interpretation of statistical significance, sampling methods, and non-response bias are also available.

5. FMResearch.org

The FMResearch.org Web site is housed by the American Academy of Family Physicians and maintained by the American Academy of Family Physicians and North American Primary Care Research Group. It is a resource for information related to research in family medicine.The section on 'Linkages' brings users to various research resources on Internet.

6. StatSoft Electronic Statistics Textbook
http://www.statsoft.com/textbook/stathome. html

This comprehensive online textbook on Statistics is available on Internet. A search engine enables users to locate the relevant chapter of the online textbook in just a few keystrokes. The textbook begins with an overview of relevant concepts, followed by more in depth explanations of specific areas of statistics. A glossary of statistical terms and a list of references are also developed for users.

7. Introductory Tutorial on Tri-Council Policy Statement
http://www.pre.ethics.gc.ca/english/tutorial/ 00_about.cfm

The Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) describes principles, standards and procedures governing research involving human subjects. The web tutorial covers reviews on import issues on ethical conduct for research involving humans including research ethics, free and informed consent, privacy and confidentiality etc. The section on 'Links and Resources' features lists of links to websites for international codes of ethics.

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